Tips for Grilling During the Winter

Posted on October 26th, 2018

While traditionally spring, summer, and fall are considered to be the grilling months, we think that all year around is the perfect time to grill! If you live in one of the warmer areas of the country you won’t have to deal with snow and cold. But here in Indiana, it is something that is part of everyday life for nearly half the year. This can make grilling a bit more of a challenge, but we have some tips to help you grill during the winter and keep enjoying amazing BBQ.

Lack of light is one of the first aspects of winter grilling that makes the process a bit tougher. If you plan on grilling on the weekend, then try to have the food prepared earlier in the day or week so that you don’t have to try to prepare the meat in the dark. You can also purchase a flashlight or other light that fits onto the grill to help see what you are doing. If you are a true grilling enthusiast, you can even install an outside flood flight on your deck or near where you grill to give you plenty of light.


Use a grill cover to keep the snow and ice off of the grill. This will make preparing your grill simple since all you’ll have to do is take the cover off and you’ll be good to go. Make sure you salt the area around the grill since you’d hate to fall while you’re carrying the good meat to the grill. Keep any grilling accessories inside the house so you don’t have to search through the snow to find them.


If you are bundled up, then it is a good idea to not have any dangling cloths, like a scarf. Dangling cloths can easily catch fire, and obviously, that would be a bad thing. Don’t use winter snow gloves since these are not built to resist heat or flames. You should always use grilling or bbq gloves since these will protect your hands.


During the winter, keeping the heat inside your grill is even more important since the cold air outside can reduce the cooking temperate quickly. To prevent having to open the grill lid, use a timer to keep track of how much time the food has cooked. You can even use remote thermometers which can help you keep tabs on how well the meat is cooking.


Don’t run out of charcoal, pellets, or gas while you are grilling, so we would recommend keeping a good supply of everything you need on hand.  Having a good grill is also helpful since it will hold up better in the elements, as well as keep heat in and cook better, which means you won’t have to beat out in the cold as long. If you have a side burner, you can heat up some hot chocolate, or some other hot drink to help keep the winter chills away! If you are in need of any grilling or BBQ supplies during the winter months, we will be open all winter long.