Yoder Smokers

Posted on November 9th, 2018

We carry many amazing grills and smokers, including those that work off of pellets, and charcoal. But one of the newer brands we have started carrying that we love is Yoder Smokers. One of the main reasons we love these grills is for their versatility. You can use these grills to smoke, bake, roast, or your standard grilling. Yoder Smokers come with a programmable controller that allows you to set it and sit back and let it work. These grills also produce more smoke then their competitors, which is important if you are wanting to use it primarily as a smoker. The issue that many pellet grills have is the lack of ability to have enough direct heat to be great for grilling. But Yoder Smokers are able to overcome this issue by the addition of their direct grilling package. This allows for a portion of the grill to get up to temperatures of over 700 degrees this will allow you to cook the best steaks with a grill that is also a great smoker!

Yoder Smokers offer multiple different models that include different sizes and features. These smokers also have a build quality that is better than almost any other brand. They also back up their products with a 10-year warranty on the body of the grill and 3 years on their controls. Yoder Smokers even has the YS640 competition cart and grill! If you are into competition BBQ then this is the grill for you. It has tires that allow for easy mobility, as well as extra shelves for helping you prepare your BBQ. All of their grills are made in the United States, which means you will get a level of quality that overseas produced grills won’t be able to match. The other great part about some of the Yoder Smokers grills is that they can be customized and expanded. This allows you to get the grill that works best for what you need.


If you don’t want a Yoder Smokers grill then we have many other amazing options from some of the best brands in the grill world. We have these all in our showroom and we are able to ship many of these grills anywhere that you need to.