Take your grill game up a notch

We offer high end products and homegrown Wagyu beef that are sure to wow at your next barbeque.

Let's start at the beginning...

My wife (Melissa Stevens) and I moved to the country with some land and decided to get into the Cattle Business (Stevens Farms). In 2016 we decided that we wanted to raise the best cows possible so we decided to purchase some 100% Japanese Wagyu for breeding stock. After starting the farm we really enjoyed grilling out and thought there could be a need for a BBQ Supply store here in Warsaw, IN. The only place in our area was the box stores and you seem to have to buy a new grill every year or two since they would wear out fast.

Our Featured Brands

American Outdoor was born

In 2018 we opened American Outdoor where we sell high end Grills and Smokers along with rubs, sauces, brines, injections, wood pellets, charcoal, etc. We now offer our Wagyu out of the store where you can buy individual pieces or ¼, ½ and Whole Wagyu. (processed threw a USDA Processor) Since we have started the store we have had customers from as far away as Montana and Canada come to our store to purchase smokers. We have many customers from MI, OH, IL and KY purchase from us also. We feel very blessed by God and want to thank everyone of our customers and look forward to meeting many more great people.

On Point Rubs

We are proud to make our own brand of rubs from scratch. Give them a try today!

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