Barbecue sauces are the key to making the type of food that people will notice! Nearly everyone has experienced eating someone’s barbecue and wondering what sauce they used. There are some different types of Barbecue sauces and each region of the country has different types of sauce. We are going to choose some of our favorites so that you can stalk up on your barbecue supplies.

  1. Kosmos Q Competition BBQ Sauce

This is one of our favorite sauces, and it is made by Kosmos. This type of sauce is a traditional sauce and has a sweet flavor. It would generally be considered to be southern style barbecue sauce. Some of the ingredients in the sauce are ketchup, vinegar, and Worcestershire. This makes for an all-around good barbecue sauce, but Kosmos also has many other styles and flavors if you are looking for some different. You can purchase it here.


  1. Blues Hog Original

Blues Hog makes some amazing sauces, and one of our favorites is their original. This is a thick sauce, which is sweet, but still has the heat! This is a popular sauce for competition barbecue and is good for almost any type of meat. It includes brown sugar, ketchup, and vinegar. If you haven’t tried this brand, then we would highly recommend it the next time you buy some BBQ sauce. Here is a link to check it out! 


  1. Triple 9 Swine Honey Habanero Glaze

If you enjoy grilling ribs, or wings, then this sauce is perfect for you. It has a great spicy/sweet taste, and when coated on whatever you’re cooking, will make your food stand out to everyone. This is a must try sauce for sure.


  1. Killer Hogs The Vinegar Sauce

If you like the Vinegar flavor in your barbecue then this sauce is what we would recommend. Killer Hogs won 1st place in the vinegar sauces competition at the 2016 BBQ world championships. If you want to win competitions, then this vinegar barbecue sauce is a great option.


  1. Smoky Mountain Smokers Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Last, but certainly, not least is this sauce by Smoky Mountain smokers. This barbecue sauce has a ton of spice and flavor and will help people remember your cooking. If you like the spice and smoked pepper flavor, then this is one of the best sauces you can get!


These are just 5 of the dozens and dozens of different types of barbecue sauces that we carry. If you are looking for a specific type of sauce or just want to try something new, then we have great options.