There are some basic tips that everyone should know before starting to grill or barbecue. So here are our suggestions getting started with grilling!

One of the most important lessons you need to learn when first starting to barbecue is direct heat vs indirect heat. Knowing which type of heat to choose is super important if you want to get the best tastes from the meat. Direct heat is best used for things that cook quickly, like burgers. Slow cooking is great for meat like a rack of ribs. Indirect heat is the type of heat that your oven uses, think of it as baking.

For a charcoal grill, you can get your coals burning and then rake them over to one side, and leave one section without charcoal directly underneath. This area will be where you can put food that needs to cook slower. Once you close the lid it will all cook, just at different speeds. Never start cooking your food too quickly. It is an easy mistake to make to get the grill going and then throwing the food directly on, we would suggest letting it warm up for around 10 minutes before starting to grill.

Smoke adds amazing flavor to the food you are cooking, and there are tons of different types of wood chips you can use. One of our favorites is mesquite, which is great for most types of beef, and poultry. Apple is very popular since it gives the meat a distinct, sweet flavor, which tastes amazing. Hickory is used for bacon all the time, and it is one of our favorites.

To use wood chips all you have to do is soak your wood chips in water or another favorite liquid. Then put the chips into a smoker box or an aluminum pan and then you put the pane below the grate. This will cause the flavor in the chips to start smoking and going into your meat.

Here are some suggestions for the must-have accessories that everyone getting into grilling needs to have. Chimney Starter, this accessory is only needed if you have a charcoal grill. This will make the process of getting the charcoals going much easier. A thermometer is another must have since you won’t be able to check the temperature inside your meat. Our last accessory we think everyone needs is a utensil pack which includes tongs, spatula, and maybe a wire brush.


This is by no means all the tips that help when starting to grill, but this should get you started.