We think marinades are sometimes underrated. Most people know that rubs and sauces can make your meat taste incredible, but a good marinade can be a great way to add some flavor to your food! Knowing what to use in a marinade, and how to apply them to the meat can be tricky. So we are going to help you with how to make and use a good marinade.

The basic formula of a good marinade is fat + acid + flavors. This means if you put these three ingredients together, you’ll usually have a great tasting marinade. The fat is some type of oil, usually olive or vegetable oil. This adds flavor and moisture to the meat. Moisture is very important if you want your meat to to turn out good. Vinegar is usually used in a marinade since it is an acid, and is great for penetration and tenderization of the meat. The flavor portion of your marinade is where you can be creative. You can use almost anything in a marinade, so have fun with this portion.


The length of time that you should marinate a meat depends on what kind of meat it is. Fish for example only needs a few minutes to marinade since it is inherently tender. For a tough cut of meat, you can marinade it from as long as 12 hours! Marinades take planning, but injecting your meat can give you the same great flavor without waiting hours. Marinades also don’t penetrate that far into a thick cut of meat, unlike an injection.


When you marinate your food you should make sure that you only ever put the meat into a plastic bag or non-reactive metal pan. Some types of metal will react to the acid in the marinade, so be careful what type of pan you marinade food in. We also suggest not using sugar in your marinades because sugar burns easily. If you do, then you will need to grill at a much lower temperate level. While your meat is marinading, it is a great idea to move the meat around and flip it over or shake it. This will help the marinade hit every part of the meat.  To prevent the meat from charring, we would suggest wiping down your meat.


Next time you grill out, try making your own marinade! It might be a fun experience, and you may get an amazing taste! However, if you don’t want to mess with coming up with your own marinade, we have a ton of amazing rubs, glazes, brines, and sauces that will impart incredible flavor to any type of meat. Visit our store to check them out!