LEM Big Bite Stainless Steel Dehydrator w/Chrome Plated Trays (10 Tray)

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Never run short of homemade jerky or snack sticks again with this high capacity food dryer. With ten chrome plated or stainless steel trays and an immense 16 sq. ft. of drying area, you can make mountains of jerky, snacks or other dried delicacies in a single sitting.

Whisper Quiet Rear-Mounted Drying: The horizontal air flow design is powered by a whisper quiet rear mounted 770 watt fan and heating system for uniform drying without waking up the neighbors.

Stainless Steel or Chrome Plated Iron Trays: Available with 10 chrome plated iron trays 16" x 14 1/2" with 3/4" holes or 10 Stainless Steel trays 16" x 14 1/2"with 1/4" holes

12 Hour Analog Timer and Adjustable Thermostat: A twelve hour analog timer and adjustable thermostat lets you dry foods at just the right temperature and duration for maximum nutrition and flavor.

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