The great thing about BBQ is that everyone can enjoy it. But while the majority of grillers and BBQers only grill occasionally, there is also a whole world of competition BBQ. These are events where contestants all do their best to have the best BBQ Here are some tips for taking your competition BBQ to the next level.

When you think of competition BBQ, generally you see meat with bones or charred meat. While these look great on their own, judges want to see food that is exactly the same for each judge. They want to see consistency. This shows that you can make the same thing perfectly multiple times and displays a higher level of skill. You want the meat to be barbecued the same way, meaning not glazed in some areas, and not others, or missing skin, or burned on part of it. When it comes to completion BBQ it is the small details that matter.

Keeping your meat and food warm until the judges try it is important. You want the judges to taste it at its best, which is usually right off of the grill. One way to do this is with a pan or dish holder that has heat pads inside that you can microwave. This can help keep your food at the optimal temperature, especially if you have a ways to go to turn in your food. If you are using garnishes such as parsley, keep it fresh by soaking a paper towel in water and laying it on top of the garnish. Again, these small optimizations will help your BBQ stand out!

Have duplicates of everything you need. You never know when a favorite tool will break, or when a piece of meat will get ruined. Also, competition BBQ isn’t usually for the person who is trying to do it on a tight budget. It will usually require high-end grills with some of the best accessories to help achieve the best taste. One small tool that many people forget is tweezers. When you are trying to get the perfect look, tweezers can help you do this. If it is meat only, then you can skip this, but if you do add anything on top of your meat then some tweezers can help you make precise adjustments without messing up the rest of your plate.

The sauce is going to be one of the most important parts of champion BBQ. You can either make your own sauce or use a bottled sauce. The great part about buying a sauce is that some of these companies have spent years developing the best sauce possible. The key is to experiment with different sauces to find the one you like the best. But just as important as the right sauce is mastering the art of when and how much sauce to apply. This requires a large amount of practice and experimenting.

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