Have you seen the white gloves that are included in our online orders? We have been asked what these are so we are here to explain!

These knit cotton gloves are very useful; competition cookers use them under latex gloves. This way they are able to pick up meat with their hands without getting burnt! When it comes to barbecue and grilling, gloves are almost as important as salt and pepper.

We use them to handle tongs, hot grates, hot food, and even burning hot logs and coals. These are reasonably priced and a great idea for competition cookers or you backyard cookers!!


Knit cotton gloves help prevent your hands from slipping, which is caused by sweat and moisture. The 100% Cotton fibers in these cotton gloves absorb perspiration while remaining breathable and comfortable.  Knit Cotton Gloves have been designed to be used to their maximum potential with each wear, making them very durable. Your hands are an important tool for barbecuing, keep them safe and protected with cooking gloves. If you are interested in purchasing some of our knit cotton gloves come visit us in store or online!!